And now, a Party Political Broadcast from…


As the European and Local elections approach, our screens are yet again flooded by Party Political Broadcasts (PPBs), whereby awkward politicians are forced in front of the camera in a bid to appeal to ‘normal people’ in a totally unnatural way. Considering how many years they’ve had to practise, we were curious as to how […]

Donations, donations, donations.


Last year it was reported that over a dozen Tory Donors abandoned Cameron and decided to donate UKIP instead. This year there have been increasing donations to UKIP including further donations from previous Conservative donors. By 2013 £488,000 was donated to Farages’ party by ex-Tory donators, whilst their donors have halved overall. The increase in […]

We need feminism because ….


Dont just vote speaks to Dana Walshaw, part of the team who organised the ‘We need feminism because …’ campaign in Cambridge. Over 700 students took part over three days writing reasons why they needed feminism leading half a million shares online in just two weeks. Dana along with many others argue feminism has become […]

Polling Booth Selfies – a Good Thing?

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 22.24.41

It was inevitable really that the selfie ‘craze’ – can we still call it that? it’s become so endemic that surely it’s progressed past ‘craze’ stage? – should spread to the polling booth. We all seem so determined to record and share the minutiae, not to mention the more significant moments, of our lives. And […]

The disenfranchised

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 21.25.48

So according to a ComRes survey, around 800 000 young Britons are not on the electoral register – to put into context that’s a quarter of 18-21 year olds, or nearly 9 times the capacity of Wembley stadium. On top of this, electoral turnout amongst the young continues to drop (as shown in the table below), […]

Don’t Just Vote speaks to… Alyn Smith (SNP)

Alyn Smith MEP

Don’t Just Vote spoke to Alyn Smith, currently a Member of the European Parliament, about what can be done to encourage young people to re-engage with politics. While hardly a ‘fringe’ party north of the border, the Scottish National Party does represent an interesting dynamic in UK politics – that of a widely-supported regional party […]

Where does the real power lie?

George Appiah

It is 7:15pm in Sandema, Upper East Region, Ghana, and the lights in my house blink out, plunging me into pitch darkness, the sense of anti-climax accentuated by a remorseful moan as the fan slowly spins to a halt, sweat gradually pouring evermore heavily in the heat. I wait a couple of minutes. This is […]

Top 3 Mehdi vs Guido


Here at Don’t Just Vote we think that PMQs can be pretty tame compare with the debates that take place between commentators and the public. In light of this we have picked out the top 3 arguments between political big-hitters Guido Fawkes and Mehdi Husan. Enjoy! [View the story "Top 3 Mehdi vs Guido" on […]

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